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Claims management: how to make it easier?

Claims management has always been the sharp end of the health insurance business, involving dealing with people when they may be vulnerable or emotionally struggling, whilst at the same time staying alert to the ever-present danger of fraud. The part digitisation has to play in facilitating claims management There can be fewer more radical shifts […]

Modern-day measures to combat today’s technological threats – DCI Group

Warfare has never been as technologically advanced as it is today. Nor have the threats come from so many different directions. Just as cybercrime has entered our general consciousness, so too will cyber defense over the years to come. Cyber attacks are an increasingly frequent form of asymmetric warfare and France’s DCI Group is one […]

High-tech dryer mixer solutions by Sofraden

Industrial mixing solutions are crucial to many manufacturing processes, with the dryer mixer technology produced by French firm Sofraden being a case in point. In certain applications, the challenge posed by evaporating liquid from powder mixes without materially changing the properties of that mix represents a real headache. Using a vacuum dryer mixer, however, opens […]

Electrical cad software: boosting productivity in a range of manufacturing fields

Electrical design software can give your business the edge over your industrial competitors!   Electrical cad software has been around since the 1970s, but has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. IGE-XAO is a Toulouse-based company that has been active in this field for almost 30 years now, producing a range of packages from electrical […]

Industrial UPS AIS 3000

The AIS 3000 offers to the responsible for installation and plant protection a new way to  ensure reliable and economical applications in industrial and manufacturing facilities. Legacy industrial solutions require on-site customization to fit these harsh environments. With a modular design of electronic systems and hot-swappable batteries and factory installed reduces setup time and simplifies […]

Circuit breaker

The role of a circuit breaker Breaker, an electromechanical device that allows connection to turn the power of one or more circuits in case of overcurrent or overload, aims to protect: Electrical installations, current intensities too high may damage them; And men of electrocution. With this system, there are no fuses to change. To turn […]

Power Distribution Cabinet

The electrical cabinet is a housing which contains a network of electrical distribution, operating with heating resistors and possibly on different frequencies. Its primary role is to protect the network from dangerous incident. It can be a distribution within a company or a device like an air plane, which must have its autonomy electricity. She […]

Industrial LED projectors

Projectors are used in industrial warehouses, workshops, hangars, buildings in general with a roof height of between 4 and 10 meters. The lamps used are of high pressure sodium, mercury iodide, using the lamps similar to those for public lighting requiring high light outputs. They have the disadvantages of requiring 15 minutes for light, continuously […]


With its 4 cylinders ISUZU engine known for its low consumption, diesel generator combines the simplicity of a machine that has proved its worth and alternator GELEC with a rotation speed of 1500 trs. Its features make it a real industrial generator. Its small size, reduced weight, reduced (820 kg) and integrated diesel tank (24H) […]