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Claims management: how to make it easier?

Claims management has always been the sharp end of the health insurance business, involving dealing with people when they may be vulnerable or emotionally struggling, whilst at the same time staying alert to the ever-present danger of fraud. The part digitisation has to play in facilitating claims management There can be fewer more radical shifts […]

Continuous motion machine used in an assembly line for its efficiency

Improve your manufacturing efficiency

What factory-owner doesn’t want to see improvements to the efficiency of their manufacturing operations? These can be achieved through various means, but one of the most reliable is to invest in more advanced machinery. Here we take a look at a new generation of assembly line systems that are proving to be a game-changer for […]

Custom medal manufacturing

Custom medal manufacturing: a business line that’s on the up!

Custom medal manufacturing has been around for a long time, but its popularity doesn’t look likely to wane any time soon! Many businesses are still in the market for quality medals and commemorative coins for a variety of purposes. The main markets for custom medal manufacturing There are multiple uses and markets for custom-made medals. […]

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Visioprobe: the best in quality visual inspection equipment!

Cameras are everywhere these days, mostly being used for leisure purposes. Visioprobe, however, specializes in producing cameras that can take pictures in the toughest environments and hardest-to-reach places – whether it’s down a borehole, deep inside a nuclear power station or on a container ship at sea. Keeping industry on the move and pipelines in […]

Metaconcept Groupe: pewter and bismuth ingot suppliers to the world

The Metaconcept Groupe is a company based near the French city of Lyon, specializing in the production of non-ferrous alloys. Its customers are drawn from multiple sectors, including aeronautics, the nuclear industry, tableware manufacturers and the fields of medical instruments and accessories. Metaconcept Groupe: serving the manufacturing and medical fields As bismuth ingots suppliers, Metaconcept […]

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History of the evolution of bearings

Bearings are a piece of indusrial equipment that are quite common today and they are used in many industries. But its invention dates back as far as ancient Egypt. Discover the purpose of bearings and the different evolutions of bearings up until now. Evolution of bearings Ancient history Bearing were invented a long time ago. […]

Extrasynthese – the ‘gold’ standard for reference material standards!

Based in the dynamic city of Lyon – France’s third metropolis – Extrasynthese is a well-established company specializing in reference materials, substances and standards. These substances are used as a kind of yardstick against which certain comparisons can be made. This is useful in many fields, including the calibration of instruments, new product quality control […]

Modern-day measures to combat today’s technological threats – DCI Group

Warfare has never been as technologically advanced as it is today. Nor have the threats come from so many different directions. Just as cybercrime has entered our general consciousness, so too will cyber defense over the years to come. Cyber attacks are an increasingly frequent form of asymmetric warfare and France’s DCI Group is one […]

Groupe EREN – getting the most from the world’s renewable energy resources!

It has never been more important to steward the resources at our disposal. Groupe EREN is all about maximizing efficiency when it comes to producing electricity from renewables, no matter from what source or what country these are derived. The group is split into two main areas, with EREN Renewable Energy, naturally enough, focusing on […]

Which France data sim package is best for business travellers?

Business has always been conducted on the international stage, but now, more than ever before, entrepreneurs, salespersons and other businesspeople are constantly on the move. It’s also never been more important to stay in touch with your home base – regardless of where you are. As a result, business travellers to the European continent may […]