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Metaconcept Groupe: pewter and bismuth ingot suppliers to the world

The Metaconcept Groupe is a company based near the French city of Lyon, specializing in the production of non-ferrous alloys. Its customers are drawn from multiple sectors, including aeronautics, the nuclear industry, tableware manufacturers and the fields of medical instruments and accessories.

Metaconcept Groupe: serving the manufacturing and medical fields

As bismuth ingots suppliers, Metaconcept Groupe can provide high-quality, high-purity Cerro® fusible (low melting point) alloys that have a number of very specific uses. Their stable characteristics and in some cases, sharp melting points, make them ideal for the manufacture of protective shields in radiotherapy rooms and for lens blocking purposes (holding glass lenses steady for grinding/polishing operations).

Thanks to the presence of an in-house laboratory, clients can be sure that the physical properties and behaviour of every production batch of these alloys are carefully monitored. Other low melting point alloys produced by Metaconcept Groupe include Wood’s metal (Cerrobend®) and d’Arcet’s metal. Naturally, these alloys are recyclable. Lead-free and cadmium-free versions are available too, these being suited to the process of electroforming. Bismuth ingots can also be used to make products such as fire sprinkler components!

Metaconcept Groupe: suppliers of pewter to the costume jewellery market

Pewter has been a popular component of fashion jewellery and other decorative items for thousands of years. Pewter suppliers the Metaconcept Groupe have a range of pewter products covering their clients’ every need: ingots, bars, wires, fluxes, powders and more. For the costume jewellery and arts and crafts markets, they offer flat bars made from primary metals. This ensures that the finished product’s visual appearance is impeccable. Centrifugal and gravity casting processes work very well using these metals. Lead-free pewter is one important variant, chiefly for creating tableware that will be in contact with food, although some people may also prefer lead-free jewellery.

It’s well worth noting that Metaconcept Groupe can offer guidance to prospective clients who aren’t yet sure which materials are most appropriate for the application they have in mind. For example, Zamak (a zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper alloy) is also produced by the firm for use in costume jewellery and the fashion trade (for making shoe and belt buckles). The company sells its products right across the globe, from Asia and the Pacific to Russia and North Africa.