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Custom medal manufacturing: a business line that’s on the up!

Custom medal manufacturing

Custom medal manufacturing has been around for a long time, but its popularity doesn’t look likely to wane any time soon! Many businesses are still in the market for quality medals and commemorative coins for a variety of purposes.

The main markets for custom medal manufacturing

There are multiple uses and markets for custom-made medals. When people hear the word ‘medal’, they most likely think of medals produced for militaries, the police and similar services. Although this still represents a portion of the medal market, there are many other buyers in the market for these products. In the corporate world, medals can be a great way to reward employees or mark a special occasion, such as retirement, or a specific long service milestone. Another major field for which medals are frequently produced is tourism, as hard-wearing souvenirs. Town councils often make medals to help promote their local area or to be exchanged in the framework of sister city or twin town programs. At national level, medals may be produced to commemorate specific historical events, scientific achievements or societal landmarks in much the same way that special postage stamps are issued.

Tailor your custom-made medals just the way you want

One of the key benefits of custom-made medals is the sheer diversity of this product. Medals can be made from many different metals – bronze is common, but brass, silver and gold are also used. Sometimes medals are made from a cheaper metal, then electro-plated with a more expensive one like silver or gold. Antique effects can be created, alongside various kinds of relief: 2D, 3D or intaglio (sunken relief). Medals will typically be polished and even varnished and may be jazzed up with the addition of colours. In the field of custom medal manufacturing, two techniques are common – liquid resins, which solidify at a relatively low temperature of about 85°C, or enamel, which is very resistant but must be fused onto metal at a temperature of 787°C or higher. Medals usually come in circular, oval, square or rectangular form, but in reality, with the right kind of cutting tool, you can create almost any shape you want!

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