Extrasynthese – the ‘gold’ standard for reference material standards!

Based in the dynamic city of Lyon – France’s third metropolis – Extrasynthese is a well-established company specializing in reference materials, substances and standards. These substances are used as a kind of yardstick against which certain comparisons can be made. This is useful in many fields, including the calibration of instruments, new product quality control […]

Micro and Ultra-High Performance Microbalances

Micro and ultra-micro with a maximum load of 6 g associated with a readability of 0.0001 mg or 52 g with an accuracy of 0.001 mg, microbalances These proved ideal for weighing smallest quantities of samples at the lowest cost, especially in the case of precious materials. Microbalances and ultra-microbalances from METTLER TOLEDO Excellence serve […]

Elements of lifting and rigging

Need a lift? Innovative solutions and quality to ensure maximum safety … A team of experts at your disposal to help you in your choice! The lifting elements are available in Emile Maurin lifting steel or stainless steel threaded bolt connection, by lifting elements articulated fittings Our lifting elements are divided into three families: Eyebolts: […]

Industrial Crane

The Lasco 150/1350 industrial crane is is designed for industrial 24-hour shifts. It is suitable for the transport of: Wood chips Wood Scrap Building Materials Feed Swarovski Crystals in Wattens (Tyrol) uses a Lasco industrial crane to transport their grinding dust (swarf). The industrial crane is suitable for the transportation of all materials which require […]