Handling and lifting

Elements of lifting and rigging

Need a lift? Innovative solutions and quality to ensure maximum safety … A team of experts at your disposal to help you in your choice! The lifting elements are available in Emile Maurin lifting steel or stainless steel threaded bolt connection, by lifting elements articulated fittings

Our lifting elements are divided into three families:

  • Eyebolts: steel or stainless steel, threaded or threaded rod. The range of dimensions M 6 to M 100!
  • New: the lifting rotary rotating 360 °, available in metric or inch thread, and now stainless steel version!

The swivel lifting rings: threaded or welded, M 8 M 36 and can lift up to 20 tons!

  • Innovation: The lifting guarantee maximum safety: they turn 360 ° and rotate 180 °, they can be loaded in all directions and a safety factor of 4. They comply with the European Directive 98/37/EC. Each part of lifting is 100% tested anti crack.
  • Time savings: these allow a fast and secure any type of sling (cable, strap, chain, mesh, pod …)

The hardware: a wide range of hooks, carabiners, quick links, turnbuckles, pod-heart, shackles, clamps …