Industrial equipment

Visioprobe: the best in quality visual inspection equipment!

Cameras are everywhere these days, mostly being used for leisure purposes. Visioprobe, however, specializes in producing cameras that can take pictures in the toughest environments and hardest-to-reach places – whether it’s down a borehole, deep inside a nuclear power station or on a container ship at sea.

Keeping industry on the move and pipelines in tip-top condition

One of Visioprobe’s core markets is the oil, gas and wider petrochemical industry. Nowhere is the saying ‘time is money’ more true than in these sectors, with the cost of down-time for emergency repairs to pipes and tubes easily running into millions of euros. This is where the pipe inspection camera comes into its own. This incredibly compact (just 45mm in diameter), ultra-tough (with an outer shell made from aluminium or steel) and supremely versatile camera is ideal for recording footage from inside pipelines and tanks. It’s very user-friendly, boasting manual focus, a touchscreen control unit and joystick control. It’s also capable of tackling the biggest jobs thanks to a selection of accessories including push rods, carbon fibre poles (up to 13.5 metres long) and reel-mounted cables (choice of 30 or 60 metres long).

The Pan tilt camera par excellence!

Visual inspections are often required of the most awkward nooks and crannies imaginable. Visioprobe’s clients include police forces, customs agencies and coastguards, who are often not only looking for objects in hard-to-reach places, but sometimes even for goods and people that have been deliberately concealed. Faced with this task, a camera that can pan and tilt through a wide range of angles is crucial. The Visioprobe pan tilt inspection camera boasts a tilt range of – 110° to 110° and can pan through 360°.  It can be fitted with multiple LEDs, is waterproof (up to 2 bars) and is useable in conjunction with thermal imaging technology too. All these capabilities make it ideal for conducting inspections of ships and lorries, not to mention for search and rescue operations.