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Groupe EREN – getting the most from the world’s renewable energy resources!

It has never been more important to steward the resources at our disposal. Groupe EREN is all about maximizing efficiency when it comes to producing electricity from renewables, no matter from what source or what country these are derived. The group is split into two main areas, with EREN Renewable Energy, naturally enough, focusing on the field of renewable energy development.


So what does being an IPP renewable (in other words, an Independent Power Producer from renewable sources) actually involve? For EREN RE, it means it works on its projects from the cradle to the grave. Choosing a site, project financing, overseeing construction, operation and maintenance are all part of the package. The company has a long-term approach based on co-managing or holding a majority stake in its projects. From its base in Paris, EREN Renewable Energy looks to connect with trusted local partners in emerging energy markets, seeking to identify areas with growing demand, high existing energy prices and excellent energy generating potential – what the company terms natural resource efficiency. A key component of this drive for greater efficiency in the development of our energy resources lies in the employment of cutting-edge technologies, part of the firm’s ongoing process of research and development.

Many of the Groupe’s projects are based in Europe and the Near East, especially in France, Greece, Italy and Israel. However, in recent years its geographical focus has shifted somewhat. EREN RE is now looking towards markets such as Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Indonesia and north, west and east Africa. One of its most notable projects in these emerging markets is in Soroti, Uganda, a 10MW solar photovoltaic plant which is the largest solar project in East Africa. Between windfarms, solar plants and hydroelectric schemes, the firm boasts 450MW of installed capacity or in development and more than 1,500MW in the pipeline.