Electrical equipment

Industrial UPS AIS 3000

The AIS 3000 offers to the responsible for installation and plant protection a new way to  ensure reliable and economical applications in industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Legacy industrial solutions require on-site customization to fit these harsh environments. With a modular design of electronic systems and hot-swappable batteries and factory installed reduces setup time and simplifies the deployment and maintenance of the AIS 3000.

The reliability features include a standard NEMA 12/IP21 a speaker steel plate 2 mm thick standard, as well as replaceable air filters by the user. The AIS 3000 comes with a dual AC input switch and maintenance bypass built that add to the reliability of the system.

Includes: Battery modules ship installed, Bolt down brackets, CD with software, Installation guide, Power modules ship installed, service commissioning, User Manual, Card Web / SNMP Management