Electrical equipment

High-tech dryer mixer solutions by Sofraden

Industrial mixing solutions are crucial to many manufacturing processes, with the dryer mixer technology produced by French firm Sofraden being a case in point. In certain applications, the challenge posed by evaporating liquid from powder mixes without materially changing the properties of that mix represents a real headache. Using a vacuum dryer mixer, however, opens the way to low temperature drying, saving energy and time without damaging the product in question. The MIB Dry-Tech dryer mixer is suitable for a range of applications and can process:



  • Polymers
  • Metal powders
  • Friction materials


The Soframix disperser mixer: where cleanability has pride of place

Sofraden produces a range of different mixers and related solutions, including ribbon mixers, rotary drum mixers, lab mixers and the Soframix disperser mixer. With cleanability being a perennial issue for industry users, the automated Clean In Place system offers real advantages in terms of reproductibility and productivity. This disperser mixer is available in both premium and basic versions, both of which will deliver more thorough, as well as quicker dispersion, less product retention and the deaeration/debubbling of the end product. Disperser mixers are integral to many processes and industries such as the manufacturing of paints, adhesives, sealants and even cosmetics.


Sofraden has significant experience in its field (it began making mixers back in 1991) and offers a number of value-added services to industry clients, including training courses and advice in preventative maintenance. It is particularly pro-active regarding environmental and health and safety issues that surround the production and use of its solutions and its efforts in these areas have been recognized with the award of ISO14001:2004 and MASE certification.