Electrical equipment

Industrial LED projectors

Projectors are used in industrial warehouses, workshops, hangars, buildings in general with a roof height of between 4 and 10 meters. The lamps used are of high pressure sodium, mercury iodide, using the lamps similar to those for public lighting requiring high light outputs. They have the disadvantages of requiring 15 minutes for light, continuously decreasing performance over time with increased consumption, and their replacements require the use of licensed electricians and a cherry picker, expensive rent.

Industrial LED projectors offer:

  • One life multiplied by 5 with a constant light performance
  • Significant savings in power consumption (by Division 5 of consumption)
  • Economy of drastic change interventions lamp
  • Ignition instant guarantee of security for places of public
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced maintenance
  • The return on investment is about 3 years for use of 8 hours per day
  • No electromagnetic pollution!