Electrical equipment

Power Distribution Cabinet

The electrical cabinet is a housing which contains a network of electrical distribution, operating with heating resistors and possibly on different frequencies. Its primary role is to protect the network from dangerous incident.

It can be a distribution within a company or a device like an air plane, which must have its autonomy electricity. She plays the role of a manager of electrical energy. It is also called « auxiliary control panel » or ACM. Only a person with specific skills can make the installation of the cabinet and installation. Generally, the device is designed for industrial use and not individual or household. A control panel manages the start and the system for operating one or more electric cabinets. The device is connected to the control through a repeater, or a bridge. The use of the repeater does not tolerate more than 40m distance between the ACM and the desk, while with a bridge, this maximum distance is 75m.

Handling cabinet

On the cabinet there are various controls, inputs and outputs of cables. In an overview, the main switch is located on the end face, and the switch, the fan, the filters and the lock. This is the main switch that can turn on or off the cabinet.

Handling must be secure and restricted to only persons authorized to perform this task. The switch engine is used primarily to bring the engines off keeping the cabinet connected, and the heating resistors in case of repair or maintenance, for example. Maintaining normal internal temperature of the appliance is provided by the fans that operate with air filters. These fans can fail and be replaced by a cooler or heat exchanger, depending on options.

The side faces are all the sockets to application heads, the heated hoses, engines, the pressure switch, the pressure sensor and the sensor coupling. The plate must appear clearly on the cabinet to determine the powers of the apparatus, in watts, the frequency of the supply current in hertz, the voltage in volts and the protection expressed in amperes.

Maintenance Tips

The maintenance of the equipment, produced on a regular basis, ensuring its smooth operation and durability. It should not be overlooked because it is a guarantee of security for the device. Should be cleaned daily outside the cabinet and check the condition of all visible elements, including patch cords. Depending on the amount of dust that embeds itself in the air filters and grills, cleaning frequency may be daily, depending on the degree of dirt that can be enjoyed by the colour filters. Dark filters indicate a high degree of dirt, actually require cleaning or, if necessary, replacement. Manufacturers are looking for ways to make the most efficient cabinet more efficient. It is more compact, the better it protects the network that is inside. We can measure the effectiveness of a cabinet with the degree of protection. There are currently IP20 standard for protection. Options are offered by manufacturers such as providing IP54 protection more effective. The acquisition of this kind of device can not do without the advice of a professional.