Electrical equipment

Electrical cad software: boosting productivity in a range of manufacturing fields

Electrical design software can give your business the edge over your industrial competitors!


Electrical cad software has been around since the 1970s, but has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. IGE-XAO is a Toulouse-based company that has been active in this field for almost 30 years now, producing a range of packages from electrical design software (electrical CAD) to simulation software, electrical installation calculators, e-catalogue suites and more.


The best electrical cad software will be versatile enough to cope with the many and varied demands of its equally diverse customer base. Typically, electrical design software is used by:

  • The aviation and aerospace industries
  • Shipbuilders
  • Train manufacturers
  • The automotive sector
  • The construction industry
  • Power generation companies
  • Equipment and machinery users
  • Automation and plant


Electrical CAD has applications for both large and small businesses, with different packages being tailored to different needs, from very basic planning requirements to much more substantial operations. IGE-XAO, for instance, offers packages to cater to the fields of electrical design, system design, data management and all of the other specializations shown in the diagram below.

Regardless of the CAD tools your company uses, the sign of an effective cad solution will be its ability to help you reduce production overheads and lead times. At the same time, these tools will be limited in their effectiveness if they are not being used properly. That’s why companies which produce CAD software frequently offer additional services such as customer support to help you install and use your programs, training courses, downloads and other documentation.

IGE-XAO has a dedicated customer service team to respond to any technical questions clients may have


To find out more about IGE-XAO’s products and global reach, why not take a look at their corporate presentation page?