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It has never been more important to steward the resources at our disposal. Groupe EREN is all about maximizing efficiency when it comes to producing electricity from renewables, no matter from what More »

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Is bio-based plasticizer POLYSORB® a gateway to greener polymers?

Traditionally, plasticizers have been made from petro-chemical products. In recent years, however, there has been a drive towards bio-based plasticizers such as those produced by French performance plastics specialists, Roquette. These kind More »


Shock indicator – Timer MAG 2000

This shock indicator MAG 2000 Timer positioned directly on the equipment or on its packaging allows companies wishing to know if their products are transported shocked beyond an acceptable level and when. More »


Horizontal Cartoning AD PACK

Horizontal cartoners these are intended to open, fill (manually or automatically) and closing of the cases by hot glue or flush mounting on the horizontal plane. The range of available cartoners consists More »


Shears & Guillotine shears

The cutting equipment Baileigh Industrial, TRUMPF and MG TRONZADORAS consists of cutting machines for sheet thicknesses up to 20 mm mild steel. Guillotine shears range of models comprises manually operated, at the More »


Industrial Crane

The Lasco 150/1350 industrial crane is is designed for industrial 24-hour shifts. It is suitable for the transport of: Wood chips Wood Scrap Building Materials Feed Swarovski Crystals in Wattens (Tyrol) uses a Lasco industrial crane to transport their grinding dust (swarf). The industrial crane is suitable for the transportation of all materials which require


Industrial UPS AIS 3000

The AIS 3000 offers to the responsible for installation and plant protection a new way to  ensure reliable and economical applications in industrial and manufacturing facilities. Legacy industrial solutions require on-site customization to fit these harsh environments. With a modular design of electronic systems and hot-swappable batteries and factory installed reduces setup time and simplifies


Circuit breaker

The role of a circuit breaker Breaker, an electromechanical device that allows connection to turn the power of one or more circuits in case of overcurrent or overload, aims to protect: Electrical installations, current intensities too high may damage them; And men of electrocution. With this system, there are no fuses to change. To turn


Power Distribution Cabinet

The electrical cabinet is a housing which contains a network of electrical distribution, operating with heating resistors and possibly on different frequencies. Its primary role is to protect the network from dangerous incident. It can be a distribution within a company or a device like an air plane, which must have its autonomy electricity. She


Industrial LED projectors

Projectors are used in industrial warehouses, workshops, hangars, buildings in general with a roof height of between 4 and 10 meters. The lamps used are of high pressure sodium, mercury iodide, using the lamps similar to those for public lighting requiring high light outputs. They have the disadvantages of requiring 15 minutes for light, continuously



With its 4 cylinders ISUZU engine known for its low consumption, diesel generator combines the simplicity of a machine that has proved its worth and alternator GELEC with a rotation speed of 1500 trs. Its features make it a real industrial generator. Its small size, reduced weight, reduced (820 kg) and integrated diesel tank (24H)


Shears & Guillotine shears

The cutting equipment Baileigh Industrial, TRUMPF and MG TRONZADORAS consists of cutting machines for sheet thicknesses up to 20 mm mild steel. Guillotine shears range of models comprises manually operated, at the foot, as well as hydraulic electromechanical models. The Snips Baileigh AND MG TRONZADORAS are solidly built to withstand years of cutting capacity. Each


Precision Hydraulic Presses AGME

Hydraulic presses ranging from precision AGME 5 tons 60 tons of thrust and are ideal for operations that require a large power surge when the power is no longer sufficient air. The application of these presses assembly is universal. You can assemble, mark, crimping, punching, stamping, distort, etc … They are designed for use in


DC Welding Rectifier – SDC

Ideal for both ferrous as well as non ferrous metals, DC welding rectifiers are extensively used as power source for manual metal arc welding (MMAW) jobs with bare & coated electrodes. These welders are also used as alternative to DC welding generators. The welding rectifiers have no moving parts except the cooling, which ensures greater


BAILEIGH Hydraulic Tube Bender RDB-175

The RDB-175 tube bender from Baileigh Industrial marks a breakthrough in bending technology. This easy to use hydraulic tube bender has an incredible capacity of 2″ Schedule 40 pipe and up to 2-1/2″ tubing with a wall thickness of .120″ mild steel. The RDB-175 makes quick work of round tube, pipe, and square tubing. Easy