Horizontal Cartoning AD PACK

Horizontal cartoners these are intended to open, fill (manually or automatically) and closing of the cases by hot glue or flush mounting on the horizontal plane. The range of available cartoners consists of several models ranging from 25 to 120 cartons / min.

Robust design in stainless steel, these cartoners are built by U.S. manufacturer ECONOCORP which is recognized as the global leader in cartoning, case erectors and sealers tray and case packers at low or medium speed.

The manufacturer has developed a unique approach based on machine mechanically simple, reliable and economical, whose operating costs are reduced and relatively rudimentary maintenance that allows customers considerable autonomy. For low rates, he developed a system of hot glue bonding very simple using less glue installations by gluing guns. For Europe, the machines are CE, ISO standard components, nuts and bolts to European standards …

In addition to several filling systems automatic or semi-automatic, many devices are available with these machines to meet the specific needs of many projects. Among others, the standard dimensions can be reduced or increased, the machine can be adapted to washing with water …

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